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What We Do

Executive Search & Recruitment

Full Service Comprehensive Search Process includes:


·       Extremely competitive fee structure (Approximately 30-50% savings)

·       Detailed meeting with hiring managers prior to project inception   

·       Original research - no recycling of candidates

·       All prospects are interviewed in detail

·       Complete reference audits

·       Candidate profiles for each individual

·       Only viable/prescreened/interviewed candidates are presented

·       Coordination of interviews

·       Assistance in determining compensation and closing the deal

·       Comprehensive guarantee on selected candidates

·       References to include; hiring managers and individuals recruited

·       Twenty five (25) year track record

·       Minority/Diversity recruiting experience

Practice Areas
  • Sales, Sales Management

  • Communications 

  • Marketing

  • ​Financial & Professional Services

  • Quality Management

  • Operations

  • Technical Services

  • Retail Services

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